Come see us next to the Mahón bus station

Behind MenorKMoto are Fernando and Miguel; two Menorcans who know first hand that driving the island’s roads and tracks on a motorbike in summertime is the best option for those looking for adventure, as well as comfort! With our Honda motorbikes it will be easier to park, both in town and at the beach; we know from personal experience!

We are both well aware of the island’s bustling summer traffic, as a bus driver who lives it on a daily basis, in Fernando’s case, and for enduring the difficulties of circulating by car from experience in the car rental business, in Miguel’s case. We have both had to deal with the inconveniences of four-wheel vehicles in Menorcan summers. And we know first hand that a motorbike is truly the best solution.

This is why we really hope to meet you, offer you a well-priced alternative and grow together with you in a summer experience on our own little private island paradise. Welcome to Menorca!